Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's Science

there's alibi to taste
the act of believing
starving the stone of disease

\he's borrowed from cannibals
ill from remorse
born of disaster, waiting in line/

blank amid stares
awash in songs of the night
no wind, no sail

non-Specific Relativity

think about time
as if
it were a piece of pie
grab a slice
catch a train
never be late

lost in the shuffle
short-comings apparently
render obsolete
thoughtful comparisons
of oblique mis-information

a tasty diagnois
with no doubt
of theraputic result
leaves a calming sense
periodic dis-membering

Wednesday, June 21, 2006



The fall was not from grace but a jump to life

There's a shadow on the moon
it is lifeless and still
like all of us
no less real
when you have doubts
jump up and shout!
feel the shadow move

I. Fossil

When the moon became
a part of time
I saw the sun
in your face
you were rumbled
torn asunder
the moon escaped
but not too far

The stars were witness
but could not see
I felt the oceans
bleed from you
mountains rose
valleys carved
the trees then grew
became your friends

All of nature
is a part of you
I heard your loneliness
there was no sound
even with waves lapping
leaves rustling
there were no ears
to hear or voice to echo

II. Do you catch that heart that spoke?

Then we watch
slowly etch our crowns upon the sea
swim in love beneath the waves
course in and out
with blood flowing home
out of breath
stretching up to hold back the flowers
that have wilted
and left their mark
their scar

III. Love life

When we left
our parting of the ways
me to stars
you to clouds
in what now seems
an endless search
our hearts broken
but not too much shattered
you still matter most
in my stellar solitude

With my clown love
amid your frowns
you hated far too much
it's true, you chose
all the right things
but mostly fought
with yourself
can you see yet?
no one wins
that argument

No life is found
among galactic ruins

IV. Interlude

I hear a wisper in her ear
that speaks, out of air
breathless in her heart
beats passion that starts to flare
take care of her moments
they fleet and soar
with wings beating aganist the sand
the mounds move and flow
carving shapes and size
deep into her inner prize
in the morning still
dew sprinkles glistening pearls
drops of water flood and fill
wonders that have long sought love
she is away from here
born of the stars
deep among the glow
lost in the show
I hear a wisper in her ear

V. Song

The summer was silly and boring
until I saw your face
and a smile that launched a human race
I'd love to see you wandering in the stars
I'd go searching and get lost on Mars

VI. Coda

Her and her argyle socks
one fell down, she pulled it up, the other fell
first one, then the other
this went on for years
finally, she took them both off
one limped home, the other stood alone
beneath the starry dome


Whirling about is no fun inside the blood of the tracks of the sun

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pattern Recognition

“She knows, now, absolutely, hearing the white noise that is London, that Damien's theory of jet lag is correct: that her mortal soul is leagues behind her, being reeled in on some ghostly umbilical down the vanished wake of the plane that brought her here, hundreds of thousands of feet above the Atlantic. Souls can't move that quickly, and are left behind, and must be awaited, upon arrival, like lost luggage.” - William Gibson from his novel “Pattern Recognition”

“I don’t believe in anything, that I can’t break.” - Shirley Manson

“Art is a lie to make us realize the truth.” - Pablo Picasso

There are no absolutes. Including this one.
Sitting soulless
Waiting for the plane of existence
To land
Without God: a lost feeling
With sub-atomics spinning destiny
A wavicle is probably true
And false

Losing reality
Sensing time’s elusive touch
In spaces of nothingness
Everything is born
With God: a found thinking
First thought creates
Gravity discovers
Tells the world a story

Taking time
Losing time
Killing time
Finding time
Wasting time
Making time
Spending time
Timing time

This illusion waits in space
Past, present, future
Eternal reflection
Of now
Constant companion
Of thought
Never without, always within
God begins

Emotional ideal is bent
Curving absent minded
From the beginning
To the end
Everything is imagined
Everything is seen
Everything happens
At once

God is blind
We see God’s face
God is deaf
We hear God’s cry
God is wounded
We heal God’s hurt
God is lonely
We come back

Feel it all
Dream the impossible
Know nothing
Believe what you can
Be awake
Question everything
See truth
Light the sky tonight

Impregnating the impulse to conceive

seminal fluted animas pondered deathly ill
scarce retro profits morbidly kind
never festered fire lanes equal to task
neuter clowns cleaving romantic to tilt

aiding and abetting obey beast of whine
alabaster neural twines complexity of doubt
insure testimony counter-intelligence sound creepy
illicit complexion faceted deep diving drowns

lewd commotion spears roving bands
locating no line drawn in the sands of timber
safely interred quiet sleep and vegetative
serene school of thought revealed as........

2 snails smoking

Sunday, June 18, 2006


The fly on the wall
Listens intently to the sermon on the mount

The king of kings sits
Upon his throne of mud

The goddess sprinkles embryos
Between the sheets at night

The buddha sage and silent
Rests inside the treetops

Thor is caught in between
The wrong and right of love

The butterfly is queen
And beautiful to the touch

Maniacs and madmen are watching
The floods rumble loose the cannons

Ares without a thought
Casts out stones of gold

The gladiator stumbles
In the field of blood

Broken-hearted sirens
Mumble tears of joy

The almighty moves
Heaven and earth to teach the stars

And the nightingale sings
A lullaby that dreams

Saturday, June 17, 2006

False Positive

Experimental discoveries have revealed a strange condition.
An emotional subterfuge that acts as a deterrent to criminal activities.
While there is no know cure for bad behavior,
the lowering crime rate gives one hope.

Suspect X usually acts alone. His targets are random.

Our predilection to violence is harboring suspicious ulterior motives.
A stacking of odds is pushing the limits of any sense of shame.

Victim Y lives alone.
Her memories are escaping.

Pausing clueless in the steel street.
The naked paragon of innocence and faith lies bleeding.
A predator without any inkling of remorse strolls home unseen.

Officer Z is on the case. His partner a distraction.

A driving rain storm washes away the evidence of life.
She’ll be nameless for days.

He tends a garden on the weekends.
Innocently pulling weeds that otherwise would choke the flowers

In an unrelated story: Killer Geese Arrested

Friday, June 16, 2006


Rose on glade of hate
The Roman spoke, intoned
An angry god awoke
A war of words livid
The dragon’s truth revealed
Breathing the fire of cannons
Peace is but a whisper
Heard in streets of revolt
A major rising of remorse
Insanity hears a new religion
The dying devils know no regret
Nothing dark bleeds so easily

Landed in pastures of love
The Grecian listened, uncrowned
A passive divinity asleep
An old tune serene
The worm’s uncovered lies
Exhaling the ice of conscience
War is a shout
Spoken to deaf ears
A minor setting of the sun
Reason speaks to no one new
The living angels believe in hope
Everything bright heals with peace

Thursday, June 15, 2006


deep in dark
released from center
crushing existenial denials
mere math does not suffice
what leaks from minutia
spills down the chin
live-wire bare
creepiness glows
backward from stars
nuts to satisfied mortification
blushing green
envious of the humpback's hole

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Divan

she draped herself across the divan
looking langorously across the room
posing for just the right effect
bending at the waist
to light her cigarette
she barely acknowledged my presence
to think she was once my wife
no one could tell
by looking at our little tableau

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Caveman Sleeps

Don’t dream like flesh
Or whisper a coward’s threat
Feel a million dancers
Beneath the melting heat

So much was answered by prays
And fascination
Imagine tell-tale signs
Leaking upwards through time

Peeking into future messages
Telling lies and false positive test results
Rolling numbers of strong versus weak
The red-heads revolt gets scattered against the wind

Nature beats nurture eventually
Persistence of the hard-wires eclipsing
The paid by the hour of stay-at-home moms
Star stuff is stronger than that


Devoid and ovoid. Deluged in thought. Mesmerized amnesiacs scoffing.

Clouded streets trumpet painful degrees of guilt.

Swallow hard the blatant Saxony sound, defeated.

In-between-the-lines the space creating time, eludes capture, understanding,
definition and clarity.

Weakness rises in turmoil.
Patterns diffuse their primary defense.
Ignore except when needed.

Loosely described in pantomime.
Fingers etch on shadows.
The walls decline to answer.

Not calling for revolution, evolution,
creative design, creative differences,
memory lapses, forgetful forgers,
hysteric historians, libeling libertarians,
systematic scientific sectarians,
egalitarian elucidators of educational egress.

Calling for strong silent types (I can’t answer),
optimistic non-cynical
cyclical coniferous
tree hugging spiritual sprites
of “It’s a Brand New Day”.

Subterranean homesick blueness

Where are you from?
From my mother’s womb.
Actually from star stuff by way of your mother’s womb.

Atomic numbers adding
^to clandestine myopic strategies
Incorporated into finial decadence
^delivered from past lives
To future lies from present mistakes
^littered on the highways
A field study done undercover
^of stars that fairly faint in color
Foisting ideograms past their prime
^noticing the collective mimetic thrashing
Wildly in the night iguana sunspots
^delivered to master cannibalistic earthworms
Believed to foster subversive verses
^the kind that ferrets its wisdom insidiously
Beneath the thunder
^silence rains

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Foolproof Vision

In the night sky I saw Orion
Jupiter and Mars
Venus was inconsolable
hiding behind an Oort Cloud
In May or December I wished upon a star
Betelgeuse or Rigel
Pleiades was obscured by Hubble
some satellite or such
I was making love beneath a full moon light
when caution blew a hole in the wind
a meteor shower was burning nightingales
from the sky
some fate took hold of constellations
and brought a black hole near
time was stood on its tail
space became a menace
as the sun spun out of control


revolutions per second
igniting plasma manna from the sky
purifying gold powder
drenched in non-touch memory
anti-gravital sound speaks
with silent thought.

begin and end
all the summer "sons" shall sing
elation above heads and heels
"Just" love
some equations mount
the pillar, pulled from stone

Quantum Flood

-in essence
-from the heart
-pathed to blessedness

-atomic structure
-reveals architecture
-the suicide kiss
-folds upons space

-the magnetic caress
-engulfs liquid time sparks
-for each division
-there is a season

-inside the microscopic galaxy
-beliefs are as real as sin
-the bleeding faith as natural
-as spoken breath
-the night

-eye makes reality disappear
-the naked sky fills
-elated harmony
-blood & vapor touch
-the day

-patterns evolve, evoke and descend
-happy in the heaven
-the world is but a kin
-travelers and weary men
-their hubris
-the verdict

-my midnight starry love
-overhead, overheard
-life is lips
-tyger burns
-brighter still the sun
-melting into one
-I salute thee

*Mitosis is the process by which a cell ensures each daugher cell will have a complete set of chromosomes. There are five key stages of mitosis: During prophase the chromosomes become condensed and key proteins begin to bind the the kinetochores, preparing for spindle attachment. Upon nuclear envelope breakdown, the cell enters prometaphase, during which the mitotic spindle is formed and the chromosomes attach to microtubules in the spindle via their kinetochores. Once attached, the chromosomes start to allign along the metaphase plate in the center of the spindle. During metaphase, all of the chromosomes are attached to microtubules via their kinetochores, and alligned at the metaphase plate. At anaphase onset, the sister chromatids separate and are moved toward the poles of the spindle. The chromasomal separation and movement toward the poles is called anaphase A. The spindle poles separate as well, which is referred to as anaphase B. Midzone complex formation also occurs in anaphase. During telophase, the mother cell is physically divided into two daughter cells by cytokinesis.