Saturday, June 17, 2006

False Positive

Experimental discoveries have revealed a strange condition.
An emotional subterfuge that acts as a deterrent to criminal activities.
While there is no know cure for bad behavior,
the lowering crime rate gives one hope.

Suspect X usually acts alone. His targets are random.

Our predilection to violence is harboring suspicious ulterior motives.
A stacking of odds is pushing the limits of any sense of shame.

Victim Y lives alone.
Her memories are escaping.

Pausing clueless in the steel street.
The naked paragon of innocence and faith lies bleeding.
A predator without any inkling of remorse strolls home unseen.

Officer Z is on the case. His partner a distraction.

A driving rain storm washes away the evidence of life.
She’ll be nameless for days.

He tends a garden on the weekends.
Innocently pulling weeds that otherwise would choke the flowers

In an unrelated story: Killer Geese Arrested


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