Wednesday, June 21, 2006



The fall was not from grace but a jump to life

There's a shadow on the moon
it is lifeless and still
like all of us
no less real
when you have doubts
jump up and shout!
feel the shadow move

I. Fossil

When the moon became
a part of time
I saw the sun
in your face
you were rumbled
torn asunder
the moon escaped
but not too far

The stars were witness
but could not see
I felt the oceans
bleed from you
mountains rose
valleys carved
the trees then grew
became your friends

All of nature
is a part of you
I heard your loneliness
there was no sound
even with waves lapping
leaves rustling
there were no ears
to hear or voice to echo

II. Do you catch that heart that spoke?

Then we watch
slowly etch our crowns upon the sea
swim in love beneath the waves
course in and out
with blood flowing home
out of breath
stretching up to hold back the flowers
that have wilted
and left their mark
their scar

III. Love life

When we left
our parting of the ways
me to stars
you to clouds
in what now seems
an endless search
our hearts broken
but not too much shattered
you still matter most
in my stellar solitude

With my clown love
amid your frowns
you hated far too much
it's true, you chose
all the right things
but mostly fought
with yourself
can you see yet?
no one wins
that argument

No life is found
among galactic ruins

IV. Interlude

I hear a wisper in her ear
that speaks, out of air
breathless in her heart
beats passion that starts to flare
take care of her moments
they fleet and soar
with wings beating aganist the sand
the mounds move and flow
carving shapes and size
deep into her inner prize
in the morning still
dew sprinkles glistening pearls
drops of water flood and fill
wonders that have long sought love
she is away from here
born of the stars
deep among the glow
lost in the show
I hear a wisper in her ear

V. Song

The summer was silly and boring
until I saw your face
and a smile that launched a human race
I'd love to see you wandering in the stars
I'd go searching and get lost on Mars

VI. Coda

Her and her argyle socks
one fell down, she pulled it up, the other fell
first one, then the other
this went on for years
finally, she took them both off
one limped home, the other stood alone
beneath the starry dome


Whirling about is no fun inside the blood of the tracks of the sun


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