Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nitrous Oxide Poems

All ocean, cellopane and peace

the worst that could happen
is not enough
to break my clutch
on the shiny new

hope can't outlast dreams

the worst that could happen
the clam won't bake
my shoe won't shine
the cat has warts
and the Blessed Virgin Mary was just raped

burning in the midnight oil
the moon won't glow
my milk won't shake
the heart just aches
and the air just got sucked out of the sky

the world is...
All ocean, cellopane and peace

One Hurt Girl

one hurt girl
crying quietly
in the night

on shoulders too small
to hold the load
beneath melting lights

one hurt girl
lately too scared
to unfold the truth

her attitude defiant
I'd call on the cell
she'd answer from a private hell

one hurt girl
thinks feeling bad
is a natural right

she calls daily
to numerate new bruises
that fulfill some debt

one hurt girl
given to all
she keeps the silence

we answer in kind
turn from the pain
avoid her scene of the crime

knock yourself out

standing alone
as stone
my wind warms me
my sun guides me
to a flicker of flame
that ignites a mountain
that bellows at the sky


the disease that brought us here
to a nothingness that matters most of all
there is but one consciousness
wrappped around in blessedness


to linger in the dappled light
on this morning of bright retreat
taking breaths that fuel the fire

in seclusion with the night
marking time that bides and ties
a season of longing for forest green

of damsels in distress
a fear of kindness being spent
withhout hope of reward

no vision is required
or dreams of castles
sun and moon together unite

the spray of light
reflected with somber tones
shadows dance with ivory calm

some conscious thought
evoked oneness without ego
all in one and one in all

The Obvious

standing on the earth
washing clothes
piloting the ramjet home
securing a future
remote from a planet
that lies in the wake
of a sea of troubles

Soul Survivor

the hidden loneliness
has broken open from the inside
not saying that I could
I refuse to define causality

the Big Bang may be a mistake
perhaps corrected by an observer
not yet born
I can wait for revelation

I came from nothing
and to nothing I will go
the in between is as much a part of me
as the golden suns are around

it seems strange that we hide
in the interior of - can it be?
expanding space
- where could it be going?
that it hasn't already been

I like that we do not know
the sorrow filled mysteries
of time
- was it destiny?
that begat fate

the lotus eating masters
have all ascended
leaving starry-eyed visitors
in this earthly plane
- why is the air so kind?

the foot steps are buried deep
so many have traveled
the exact same path
- can the sky?
be any bluer

so much depends
on all the equations
setting straight
the majesty

I only hope
the Mathematicians
can recall
that Truth is Beauty
and Beauty Truth

Just A Little Song

Just trying to say
you are the way
to believe in the power
when I receive your flower

Easy to stay clean
you are the dream
that comes to life
to be the perfect wife

I'm just saying
you are the saving
grace that can cure
every pain for sure

Just a little song
you are the long
and short of everything
that love can bring

Falling Into Autumn

she whispers
she listens
I love her nature
that calls as sirens do

Autumn Falls

I am not
the same soft twisty girl I used to be
everything changes
and changes again
I'll be back
you'll be on pins and needles
with anticipation

Next in line

September rolls and tumbles
October is here and now
to face the music
that bends the ear
beached as whales
who sing their final dirge
open from the sea
sequestered in the infinite

If I were a girl
I'd let your smitten eyes
follow me around
you could whirl me
through in through
under a full light moon

If I were a girl
I'd dance every night
you could watch me spin
and catch me
when the dizziness
became too much

If I were a girl
I'd wish you were a girl too
We'd laugh at the boys
with their foolish grins
and their rough hewed hands
that they couldn't keep to themselves

If we were girls
we might even wish
we were boys
we'd scream with delight
at such a silly thought
and stay forever beautiful girls

Remember Dreams

it's not even close
fiction reveals more truth
than non-fiction
why should it be hidden?

the silicone dream awakes
deep blue
can't wait for the sunshine state

flying over rooftops
not for escape
gravity sends shivers to the bone