Monday, June 12, 2006


Devoid and ovoid. Deluged in thought. Mesmerized amnesiacs scoffing.

Clouded streets trumpet painful degrees of guilt.

Swallow hard the blatant Saxony sound, defeated.

In-between-the-lines the space creating time, eludes capture, understanding,
definition and clarity.

Weakness rises in turmoil.
Patterns diffuse their primary defense.
Ignore except when needed.

Loosely described in pantomime.
Fingers etch on shadows.
The walls decline to answer.

Not calling for revolution, evolution,
creative design, creative differences,
memory lapses, forgetful forgers,
hysteric historians, libeling libertarians,
systematic scientific sectarians,
egalitarian elucidators of educational egress.

Calling for strong silent types (I can’t answer),
optimistic non-cynical
cyclical coniferous
tree hugging spiritual sprites
of “It’s a Brand New Day”.


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